Клавиатура Keyboard Multimedia USB ZM-K300M





Introducing Zalman’s new multimedia keyboard, the ZM-K300M. No other multimedia keyboard in this price range offers so many features.
While not claiming to be the best multimedia keyboard available, the new Zalman ZM-K400G offers a lot of features normally only found on much more expensive keyboards.


Twenty Hot Keys

No multimedia keyboard is complete without a set of keys dedicated to common tasks or opening commonly used applications and the ZM-K300M offer ten such keys along the top left and right edges of the keyboard.


My Computer, E-mail, search, calculator and Function keys


Previous, Next, Wake, Sleep and Power
A further set of keys down the left side of the keyboard add keys to aid browsing the internet while keys on the right side allow you to control you Windows media player.


Browser and Windows Media Player control keys
The keys on the K300M have a soft yet firm action and they keys themselves are laser etched to ensure a long life span which is just as well because the keys should last for up to ten million presses!

Ergonomic Design

The adjustable rear feet on the keyboard reduces the force and stressful postures that contribute to discomfort and limit productivity making for a more comfortable keyboard that reduces strain on the hands and wrists.


Adjustable, ergonomic design

Eight Gaming Key Caps Included

To enhance the keyboard further, Zalman have included eight blue key caps for the most common game movement keys, the WASD and arrow keys. If you are gaming with this keyboard these make it really easy to spot the movement keys almost without thinking about it. A handy tool is also provided to help with the removal of the keys should you wish to swap them over.


Interchangeable Key Caps


Numerous multimedia keys
Eight blue coloured replacement gaming keys
Ergonomically design
Laser carved key caps
Heigh adjustable
10 million key press lifetime