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With user definable macros, adjustable blue and red LED back lighting, re-definable and dedicated multimedia keys the K400G is possibly the most advanced feature-packed keyboard in its price bracket.

While not claiming to be the best gaming keyboard available, the new Zalman ZM-K400G offers a lot of features normally only found on much more expensive keyboards.



  1. Five programmable keys for gaming
  2. Seven programmable multimedia keys
  3. A key press switches between Red, Blue and no LED lighting
  4. Adjustable LED brightness
  5. One memory key for selecting profiles
  6. Laser carved key caps
  7. Height adjustable

Blue/Red LED Back Lighting

Many gamers often play in a darkened room for less distraction and better screen visibility and while that may be the ideal gaming environment, it can make the keyboard difficult to see. The KG400 uses backlit keys and these can be set to either blue or red at the touch of a button and a centrally located dial can be used to adjust the brightness of the keys to make them easy on the eyes.


Unlike a lot of other similar keyboards, the LED lighting is not overly bright and in a well lit room it is just noticeable however the lighting really excels in a darkened room.

The keys have a soft action and the space-bar has two thumb shaped indents on it for comfort.


Media Control Keys

Often lacking on inexpensive keyboards are dedicated keys to control Windows media player from the keyboard but the K400G has six keys dedicated to media functions including a Windows Lock key which disables the Windows Start key to ensure your gaming experience isn’t interrupted should the key be accidentally pressed while gaming.


Dedicated multimedia keys

Programmable Keys

Thanks to its utility software, most of the keys on the K400G are programmable. Standard keys can be reassigned as can the multimedia keys and even macro key presses can be defined and stored in three user defined profiles giving 15 macros in total.

keyboard-gaming-macro-lights-usb5 keyboard-gaming-macro-lights-usb6





Fifteen programmable macro keys                                                                           Dedicated software makes programming

(accessed via three profiles)                                                                                                                                the keyboard easy